Where is Patrick Nolan? Fox 4 News Anchor Missing

Has anyone seen Patrick Nolan? The Fox 4 News anchor has been missing for days, and his family is worried. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact the authorities immediately.

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Patrick Nolan, a popular Fox 4 News anchor, has been missing for over a week. His family and friends are desperately searching for him, but so far there have been no clues as to his whereabouts.

Nolan was last seen on the evening of May 5th, when he left his home in the Dallas suburb of Plano. He told his wife he was going to meet a friend for dinner, but he never arrived at the restaurant. His car was found abandoned in a parking garage downtown, and his cell phone has been turned off since that night. Nolan’s family says it is very unlike him to simply disappear like this, and they are extremely worried about his safety.

Anyone with any information about Patrick Nolan’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Plano Police Department immediately.

Last seen

The last time anyone saw Patrick Nolan was on Nov. 4, when he left his home in Liberty, Missouri, to go on a camping trip in Monterey County, California.

His wife, Jamie, told detectives that Nolan had packed up his silver Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck with camping gear and supplies and headed west on I-70. He was scheduled to return on Nov. 11, but never did. His wife reported him missing on Nov. 12.

His car

The car of missing Fox 4 news anchor Patrick Nolan was found in a parking garage at Love Field early Friday morning, according to a report by the Dallas Morning News.

Nolan, who has been missing since Wednesday afternoon, was last seen leaving the Fox 4 studios in downtown Dallas. His car was found in the parking garage at Love Field, the Dallas Morning News reported.

The Fox 4 news anchor is believed to have left his car in the parking garage and then walked to a nearby terminal, where he boarded a flight to Chicago, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Nolan’s family and friends have been searching for him since he was reported missing on Wednesday afternoon. His wife, Erin, told the Dallas Morning News that she last saw her husband when he left for work Wednesday morning.

If you have any information on Patrick Nolan’s whereabouts, please contact the Dallas Police Department at (214) 671-4268.

His family

Patrick’s family has been tight-lipped about his disappearance, but they did release a statement saying, “We are extremely concerned for Patrick’s safety and well-being. We are working with the authorities and doing everything we can to find him.”

Patrick Nolan, a popular news anchor for Fox 4 News in Dallas, has been missing for over a week now. His family and friends have not heard from him since he left work on the evening of November 27th. His car was found abandoned at a park near his home and his phone has been turned off.

The police have started a search for him and are asking for the public’s help. They are especially interested in any surveillance footage from around the time he went missing. If you have any information, please contact the Dallas Police Department.


Fox 4 News reporter and weekend evening news anchor, Patrick Nolan, has been missing since Wednesday evening, January 6th. His car was found abandoned on the side of I-270 in St. Louis County and there has been no sign of him since. His family is extremely concerned for his safety and is asking for the public’s help in finding him.

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