What News Does President Washington Share With Hamilton?

President Washington shares some news with Hamilton in this edition of the blog.

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In his letter to Alexander Hamilton of July 6, 1793, President Washington begins by expressing satisfaction that the young man is back in New York City, “semble[ing] fully to have recovered your health.” He then asks after Hamilton’s wife and infant son. After this inquiry, the president moves on to more pressing matters: the volatile situation in western Pennsylvania.

The President’s News

President Washington shares some news with Hamilton in a letter. The President tells Hamilton that he has appointed some people to new positions and that he is planning to visit New England soon.

The President’s News from France

President Washington was very pleased to receive good news from France. He shared this news with Hamilton in a letter, writing:

“I have received information from Mr. Monroe, which induces me to believe that the affairs of that country are assuming a more salutary aspect than they have presented for some time past.”

The President’s News from Great Britain

President Washington shares news from Great Britain with Hamilton. The President has just received a letter from the British Minister in Philadelphia, which gives an account of the measures taken by the British Government since the peace, and of their views with respect to America.

Hamilton’s Response

President Washington shares the news of the Jay Treaty with Hamilton, who has a few choice words to say in response. He is not happy with the treaty and believes that it was a mistake to sign it.

Hamilton’s Response to the President’s News from France

Upon reading President Washington’s news from France, Hamilton is pleased to hear of the results of the negotiations. He is, however, slightly concerned about the possibility that war may still erupt between the two countries.

Hamilton’s Response to the President’s News from Great Britain

In his letter to President Washington, Hamilton responds to the President’s news from Great Britain with a marked degree of concern. He writes that the intelligence is “truly alarming” and that he has been “hazarding some conjectures” as to its meaning. He goes on to say that he believes the British government is “pushing matters to extremities” in order to provoke a war with France.

Hamilton expresses his fear that the British government is underestimating the strength of the French military, and he warns that if war does break out, it could easily spread to America. He urges Washington to take measures to protect American shipping interests and to build up the country’s military forces. In conclusion, Hamilton pledges his support to the President and assures him that he will do everything in his power to help preserve the peace.


In conclusion, President Washington shares with Hamilton that the government is aware of the public’s negative opinion of the Jay Treaty and is working to improve it. He also mentions that France is becoming more aggressive and that the United States needs to be prepared for war.

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