How to Change Your Facebook News Feed

Learn how to change your Facebook news feed from the default Top Stories to Most Recent stories with these simple steps.

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If you’re not happy with how your News Feed looks, you can change it. To do this:

1. Click at the top of your News Feed.
2. Click Most Recent or News Feed Preferences.
3. Click the type of story you want to see more or less of in your News Feed.
4. Click SAVE.

How to change your Facebook newsfeed

You can control what you see in your newsfeed by following the steps in this article.

On desktop

To change your News Feed settings on desktop, do the following:

1.Click in the top right of Facebook.
2.Select Settings & Privacy, then click News Feed Preferences in the left column.
3.Click Prioritize who to see first to make sure you don’t miss posts from people you care about most. To do this, click , then type a friend’s name and select Done.; Or, click Unfollow people to hide their posts to clean up your News Feed.; Or, click Reconnect with people you’ve unfollowed in the past to get their posts back in your News Feed.; Or, click Prioritize who to see first to make sure you don’t miss posts from people you care about most.;
4.Click See First to have all posts from certain friends and Pages appear at the top of your News Feed when you log into Facebook.;
5.” To stop seeing a Page or person’s posts, hover over the Following button on their profile or Page and select Unfollow.”

On mobile

Open the Facebook app on your iPhone or Android and log in.

Tap the three lines in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Scroll down and tap “News Feed Preferences.”

Under “Prioritize who to see first,” tap the people or Pages you want to see first. If you don’t see anyone listed, that means you haven’t added anyone yet. To add someone, tap “Add People.” You can also reorder the people and Pages here by tapping the three lines next to their name and dragging them up or down.

Under “Unfollow people to hide their posts,” tap the people whose posts you want to see less of.


There are two types of news feeds on Facebook- the Top Stories which shows posts that Facebook thinks are the most important to you, and the Most Recent which shows all the posts from friends in chronological order. If you want to see all the posts from friends without missing anything, make sure you’re looking at the Most Recent news feed.

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