How Does Romeo React to the News of His Banishment?

Romeo Montague reacts with shock and disbelief when he is told he is banished from Verona.

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Romeo’s Reaction

Romeo is very upset by the news of his banishment. He does not want to leave Juliet, and he does not want to be without her. Romeo is so upset that he is willing to kill himself.

Romeo’s initial reaction

When Romeo finds out that he is banished, his initial reaction is disbelief. He does not think that his punishment fits his crime. Romeo feels like he has been dealt a much harsher punishment than he deserves.

Romeo’s reaction after speaking with Friar Lawrence

After Romeo learns of his banishment, he goes to speak with Friar Lawrence. At first, he is distraught and angry, venting his frustration at the unfairness of the situation. However, Lawrence points out that Romeo is still alive and could potentially be reunited with Juliet if he bides his time. Romeo eventually agrees to this plan and seems to be in better spirits by the end of their conversation.

The News Itself

When Romeo is banished, he reacts by tearing off his shirt in grief. He is truly anguished by the news and cannot believe that he is being forced to leave Juliet behind.

The content of the news

Romeo and Juliet are banished. This is the content of the news that Romeo hears from Friar Lawrence. At first, Romeo is in disbelief and does not want to accept the news. He cries and wails, asking why this has happened to him. However, after a few minutes of reflection, Romeo comes to accept his fate. He says that he will go into exile and never see Juliet again. This is a major turning point in the play, as it leads to Romeo’s suicide later on.

How the news was delivered

The Nurse tells Romeo the news that he has been banished, but first she tries to delay giving him the information by talking about other things. When Romeo finally asks her to tell him the news, she delivers it in a roundabout way, telling him first that Juliet is “well” and then adding that she is “not well.” This news is devastating to Romeo, who had been hoping that his marriage to Juliet would end the long-standing feud between their families.

Romeo’s Banishment

Romeo reacts to the news of his banishment with disbelief. He cannot believe that he is being forced to leave Juliet. He is willing to do anything to stay with her.

The consequences of Romeo’s banishment

Romeo’s banishment has a number of consequences. First, it cuts him off from his family and friends in Verona. He is also no longer able to see or speak to his love, Juliet. Finally, Romeo’s banishment means he is now an enemy of the state and is subject to arrest or worse if he should return to Verona.

Romeo’s thoughts on banishment

Romeo’s thoughts on banishment are conflicted. On the one hand, he is banished from the city that he loves, forced to leave his friends and family behind. On the other hand, he is banished from a city that has brought him nothing but pain and misfortune. In many ways, banishment may be seen as a relief for Romeo.

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